SINCE 1964

Rugged, American, Hand-Built Heavy Equipment Trailers


Belshe Trailers Logo: Rugged Custom Typography. Yellow Letters on Black Slanted Fast Background


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A man welding a chain onto a heavy equipment trailer

defining quality

Founded in 1964, Belshe Trailers was the first to establish quality standards now used by the industry. Belshe is proud to offer outstanding service, a complete line of heavy equipment trailers, a reputation for quality and an attention to detail.

A rugged, well built trailer is just as important as the equipment you haul on it. We know you'll love the support that you and your equipment receive from Belshe Industries, Inc. and our world-class network of dealers.



"When I think of Belshe I think of a quality product. Of all the trailers we have, we have never had a problem with a Belshe.”
– Rick Nichols | Corporate Equipment Manager | Team Fishel


"I have owned six or seven Belshe Trailers during the past twenty years. These trailers are extra heavy duty and are built extra tough. Two of my trailers are over twenty years old and are still solid trailers. They cost more than other manufacturer's trailers. However, they are a great value."